LED lighting applications, the emergence of new highlights

Published: 2013-05-12  Views: 1456
Since 2013, China's LED lighting industry has been rapid development, in addition to LED downlight, LED panel lights, and other common LED lighting to get outside attention, LED lighting also appeared many new highlights.
To say, LED technology can be used for Internet access, and some LED can be made into clothes to wear on the body, which are under development in science and technology have achieved the development of LED industry is also faster and faster, more and more attention.
In 2013, the overall size of China's semiconductor lighting applications reached 206.8 billion yuan, although by the impact of lower prices, it is still the fastest growing semiconductor lighting industry chain link, the overall growth rate of 36%. General lighting market which started in 2013, the rapid growth rate of 65%, the output value of 69.6 billion yuan, accounting applications market share from the 28% in 2012 to 34% in 2013.
2013 due to the rapid push the tablet, and LED-backlit LCD TV penetration continues to increase, the backlight applications are also maintained a rapid growth, the growth rate of about 35%, the output value reached 39 billion yuan.
Furthermore, the application led automotive lighting, medical, agricultural and other emerging field of lighting has increased significantly, driven by these applications, other emerging applications in addition to general lighting, backlighting, landscape lighting, display, signal indicating the growth of applications such as more than 25%. Optical communications, wearable electronics and its applications in aerospace and other fields will be the highlight of LED applications in 2013.
We believe that with the continuous development of technology and progress, LED will be more highlights, and we expect more to the place.
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