Three Worlds LED lighting

Published: 2013-03-22  Views: 1362
LED lighting is a new technology, it has no general lighting advantages, such as energy-saving, environmentally friendly features, and so on. LED industry is mainly divided into three industrial chain, including the LED chip, LED packaging and LED downlights and other lighting applications for manufacturing and so on.
LED although the time appeared not very long, but because of excellent properties get a lot of attention. Country from a global perspective, at present, to participate in the research and development of LED production more and more, in fact, in the field of LED industry, it can be divided into three levels.
First World: America, Europe and Japan. Features are red, yellow, blue and other inventors company representative, they rely on patented technology leader, and is constantly improving and breakthrough, although in recent years has been somewhat slow speed.
Second World: China (including Taiwan), Korea. The production and sales of large enterprises are not necessarily smaller than the first in the world, but the brand awareness, advanced technology or aspects of the rival.
Third World: SMEs mob, mainly in mainland China, is in the manufacture of the "Chi-made" transformation.
China's LED industry is in a rapid stage of development, the future is not to be underestimated, slowly marching to the first world, will be the next target.