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  • High power LED high bey light in the market hot

    High Power LED high bey light is currently hot on the lighting market a new type of lighting, which uses LED as light source, LED is cold light source, with environmental protection, energy saving, reliable product characteristics, the power consumption by the LED high bey light highly favored by MORE>>

  • LED lighting applications, the emergence of new highlights

    Since 2013, China's LED lighting industry has been rapid development, in addition to LED downlight, LED panel lights, and other common LED lighting to get outside attention, LED lighting also appeared many new highlights. MORE>>

  • Three Worlds LED lighting

    LED lighting is a new technology, it has no general lighting advantages, such as energy-saving, environmentally friendly features, and so on. LED industry is mainly divided into three industrial chain, including the LED chip, LED packaging and LED downlights and other lighting applications for manufacturing and so on. MORE>>